Why Thailand is a Great Destination for Gays

Thailand is considered one of the premier vacation destinations for tourists because of its stunning beaches, natural tropical beauty and an open culture that embraces all kinds of people. And that includes the LGBT community too as most Thais have a very open attitude towards life.

In fact, for the LGBT community, Thailand is a paradise on earth with its friendly locals, excellent cuisine and multitude of Thailand gay resort options that suits just every budget.

The Premier Gay Destination of Asia

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has long been referred to as the gay capital of Asia. The nation has several other hotspots for gay travellers such as Phuket and Pattaya.

All the cities have top-class facilities and Thailand gay resort that cater to every dream and fascination of gay travellers. The Patong beach in Phuket and the Jomtien and Dongtan beaches in Pattaya are especially famous for their enthralling and mesmerizing entertainment options and a relaxed atmosphere.

You can also try out Koi Samui a small island off the coast of Thailand that is another excellent destination for you and your man. Although a small place, it has some really good Thailand gay resort and is ideal if you are looking for a really private and cosy vacation without the humdrum of big city-life.

Lesser Known Gay Destinations in Thailand

Apart from Koh Samui, Thailand is dotted with several other lesser-known tourist-friendly destinations that accept gay travellers with open arms. Some of these are Chiang Mai, Krabi and Phang Nga. Although less well-known, they are in no way short on entertainment and natural beauty when compared to their more famous counterparts.

If Bangkok or other major cities are beyond your budget, such lesser-known destinations offer all the charms of a Thai holiday that you will remember for years.

Especially worth mentioning is the island of Koh Samui with its amazing tropical beaches, verdant forests and the glittering blue sea all around you. It is the perfect honeymoon destination for newly-wed gay couples with plenty of Thailand gay resort that suit every pocket.

An Extremely Tolerant Society

Although gay marriage is not legalised in Thailand, you will be surprised to know that the local community is extremely tolerant and welcoming towards LGBT people. This is perhaps a reflection of their Buddhist way of life that teaches acceptance and tolerance for people of all types of orientation.

Whether you walk through the streets or spend quality time indoors at your Thailand gay resort, this is one nation that never disappoints the gay community or makes it feel unwanted.

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