How to Choose a Gay Resort?

It’s sad but true that as a gay person your holiday destinations choices are quite limited. The world is yet to embrace the LGBT community with open arms and some nations even have a strict anti-gay policy.

The good news is that things are definitely changing for the better and there ARE places that make gays feel truly at home. Thailand is one such nation and several of its islands are just paradise for gay vacationers.

In fact, most of these islands are teeming with boutique resorts that offer a unique experience to you and your partner. But how do you choose the right Thailand gay resort when accommodation options are plenty?

Check for Referrals

Resort for gay people is still a niche category and some of the resorts spruce up their websites to attract more international gay tourists. So what you see on the net may not be what you will actually experience. To avoid disappointments, talks to friends within your community about a good Thailand gay resort where they have stayed and enjoyed the experience.

The most important thing to ensure is the quality of service, the ambience and the staff. Any Thailand gay resort worth its name will provide the best of amenities with stylish rooms having all modern facilities.

The ambience should be non-judgemental and stress-free so that you can enjoy your privacy in total peace. Most such resorts have trained staff who understand the unique needs and fancies of the gay community. They will never intrude, ask embarrassing questions or treat you differently.

To them, you are just another guest to be honoured and pampered during your stay.

Check if the Hotel is Clothing Optional

Many gay couples love clothing-optional resorts where they can roam around freely as they want without being embarrassed. Such resorts act like a safe refuge, protecting you and your partner from outside influences and ensuring total privacy

If you and your partner love staying free and natural during your entire stay, select a Thailand gay resort with a clothing-optional feature. 

Other Amenities

The above two points are of prime importance if you want to check in at the right gay resort. If you are satisfied with what you hear, check for other regular facilities.

Most high-end Thailand gay resort conforms to international standards when it comes to maintaining the property. They have gorgeous pools and spas, lush gardens, world-class gyms, fantastic nightclubs, great restaurants serving gourmet food and so on.

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