The Best Places to Visit in Koh Samui

With its lush tropical forests, pristine beaches and multiple religious places, Koh Samui Island in Thailand offers you plenty of tourist destinations to choose from. It is one of the best places for gays to go on a holiday or just to relax and rejuvenate. The island has a vibrant nightlife, thrilling daytime activities and plenty of Thailand gay resorts to suit your budget.

What to Visit when in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is dotted with tourist spots some of which are adventure hubs while others are religious places. A travel planner at a Thailand gay resortcan help you select the best places to visit during your stay at Koh Samui.

The Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Elephants are magnificent creatures that are highly responsive to human contact. When trained properly, they are just the animals you can safely enjoy watching even at close distances.

The Samui Elephant Sanctuary offers you the opportunity to appreciate these gentle giants and understand them better. It is the first such initiative in southern Thailand to rehabilitate aged elephants who have laboured hard in the prime of their lives.

Your Thailand gay resort has all details about the sanctuary so that you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

The Paradise Park Farm

Spread over 20 acres among lush tropical forests, the farm is perched high on Mt. Khao Pom which is the highest mountain in Koh Samui. Apart from the breathtaking panoramic view it offers, the park boasts a diverse collection of some of the most exotic birds and animals.

It also has a hip cafe where you and your partner can relax after long walks through the extensive gardens.

The Samui Snake Farm

If you want to know more about snakes and other reptiles, this is the place you should be headed for. Any Thailand gay resort will recommend this park for its collection of diverse snakes, crocodiles, lizards and other reptiles.

The park has some amazing programmes where intrepid performers interact with the dangerous reptiles in a show of skill, bravery and lightning-fast moves. It is truly a thrilling experience that you should not miss.

Pagoda Khao Hua Jook

Situated on a mountaintop overlooking Chaweng beach and its adjoining areas, the pagoda Khao Hua Jook offers a stunning view of the Big Buddha.

Being close to the airport, there are plenty of good Thailand gay resortsaround the pagoda where you can stay with your partner.

The pagoda also boasts the Buddha’s footprints and is a beautiful, quiet place where you can be at peace with yourself.

A Gay Guide to Koh Samui

As a gay couple, are you looking for the perfect holiday destination? If so, look no further than Koh Samui, an island in southern Thailand. Thailand has always been extremely accepting of the LGBT community and its islands offer plenty of opportunities and men-only resort in Koh Samui for gays to relax and unwind in a totally safe and relaxed atmosphere.

But before you check into a men-only resort in Koh Samuia few guidelines can help you make the most of your amazing vacation at Koh Samui.

The Local Ambience

The locals are just fantastic when it comes to embracing gay people. The Buddhist way of life teaches the middle path and the locals adhere to it completely when it comes to accepting people who are different. They are totally non-judgmental, non-intrusive and non-inquisitive when it comes to your private space.

In fact, gay tourism contributes substantially to the local economy with hundreds of men-only clubs, bars, cafes, nightclubs and of course men-only resort in Koh Samui, catering to the needs of gay tourists.

Clothing-Optional Resorts

Some of the best men-only resort in Koh Samui offer clothing-optional facilities so this is another plus point of this incredible tourist hub. The staff is trained to accept and respect gays just as they are so you have the freedom to roam around sans attire if you so prefer.

Outdoor Activities

While in Koh Samui, you will never have a dull day whether you choose to explore the island or stay indoors.

When it comes to outdoor activities, you are spoilt for choice. You can go scuba diving or snorkelling under the guidance of expert gay instructors or visit any of the natural sanctuaries to know about the local flora and fauna.

If you are the religious type, Koh Samui has some of the finest and most revered pagodas where you can spend some quiet time with yourself or your partner.

Or you can simply laze-out on any of the pristine beaches and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Indoor Activities

If you prefer to stay indoors, your men-only resort in Koh Samui is sure to have some captivating indoor activities to keep you engaged. Most resorts regularly organize pool parties, fashion shows or special performances for their guests.

They have the latest gyms for you to try and other indoor sports facilities. And to help you relax, most resorts have some great restaurants and cafes where you can unwind with your partner or socialize with your community.

How to Choose Gay Accommodation in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most advanced and embracing nations when it comes to the LGBT community. Gay couples are welcome almost everywhere and some of its islands are especially dedicated to gay tourism.

In fact, it’s a paradise for gay people with plenty of activities and social life. Also, there is no dearth of gay accommodation in Thailand so you don’t have to worry about your vacation being too expensive.

However, with so many gay accommodation options in Thailand, it is indeed difficult to find the right gay-friendly place for you and your partner. A few tips can make your Thailand experience truly enjoyable and memorable.

Check the Internet

A gay resort that takes its customers seriously will have all information about the local ambience of the place you want to visit. This is of prime importance as you will want to enjoy your vacation at a destination that embraces the gay community. The ideal locale should have gay-only resorts, spas, clubs, dance-bars, girlie shows, cafes and high-end restaurants.

The local population should make you feel welcome and you should be free to roam the streets with your partner without people staring at you.

Speak to People within your Community

Gay tourism is on the rise and chances are you know someone who has visited Thailand for a vacation. Enquire about the best gay accommodation inThailand to get a firsthand knowledge of what to expect.

Select a resort where the staff is specially trained to cater to the needs of gay couples. Better still, book a hotel that is owned and run by people from your own community.

Ensure the Resort has the Right Ambience

A good gay accommodation in Thailand should always have a friendly atmosphere with helpful staff and good service. There should be no restrictions on your dress code, no embarrassing queries and no intrusion on your privacy. You should also be free to bring along overnight guests with you.

A gay-friendly hotel should also provide plenty of activities and a vibrant social life for its guests. It should have gyms, clubs, bars and restaurants where you can meet like-minded people in case you are alone.

Consider your Budget

If you are on a tight budget, select a hotel that is reasonably priced. Any good gay accommodation in Thailand will offer options regarding room rents and other services.

Some also offer discounts and special promo offers so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much on accommodation.

Gay Life in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island off the southern coast of Thailand that prides itself on being one of the best holiday destinations for gays. Life at Koh Samui is never dull with its myriads of gay only bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and of course the lovely beaches.

Gay life is indeed vibrant in Koh Samui and each day has its own surprises. And with plenty of gentlemen’s retreat in Thailandyou will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right accommodation

A Friendly Gay-oriented Atmosphere

Gay life in Koh Samui is something you have to experience to know how the local community embraces different types of people. You are encouraged to roam freely with your partner, enjoy sunbathing without intrusion and soak in the relaxing atmosphere without embarrassing stares.

Above all, there are plenty of gay-oriented activities for you to enjoy while staying at a gentlemen’s retreat in Thailand.

Enjoy a Safari

If you love wild animals, Koh Samui offers you the opportunity to go on a safari with your partner. The Namuang Safari Park offers you plenty of tour options throughout the day. They have trained guides to inform you all about the local flora and fauna. They even offer pickups from your gentlemen’s retreat in Thailand.

Go Scuba Diving

With pristine beaches all around, Koh Samui is the perfect place to practice some scuba diving or go snorkelling. There are plenty of trained gay scuba divers who can accompany you on your diving trips to ensure safety and provide information about the exotic sea life of the local area.

Enjoy an Overnight Rainforest Adventure

Nothing can be more thrilling than spending a few days amongst some of the oldest rainforests of Thailand. Such trips are an integral part of the itinerary provided by most gentlemen’s retreat in Thailand.

The trips include exploring lush mangrove forests, interacting with local villagers and checking out the village food markets. Nights are spent under the sky with barbeques and much revelry while tents are provided for safe and private accommodation.

Pamper yourself at a Spa

Koi Samui boasts of some of the best spas in the world. Most of these are gay-only places that offer the best services for pampering yourself. Both you and your partner can enjoy the fabulous body massages, scrubs, facials and other treatments in an extremely relaxing surrounding.

Even your Gentlemen’s Retreat in Thailand probably has its own spa so that you don’t have to step out of the resort.

Top Gay-Friendly Beaches in Koh Samui

Koh Samui, a small island in Thailand is famous world over for its pristine beaches fringed with coconut trees. Most beaches are extremely well-organized keeping international travellers in mind.

Koh Samui is also one of the few places that welcome gays with open arms. In fact, we at the Alpha Gay resort understand the special needs of the gay community and give our best to make your vacation fascinating and memorable.

Gay Beaches in Koh Samui

Being an island, Koh Samui is naturally surrounded by the ocean and has beaches all around. However, not all beaches provide the same facilities or are easily accessible. At Alpha Gay resortwe help you with all the information you need about the best beaches for gays in Koh Samui region.

The Chaweng Beach

The Chaweng Beach is the most popular beach destination in Koh Samui for gay travellers. The entire 7km stretch of the beach is developed as per international standards with beachfront bars, international food chains, quaint cafes, high-end shopping boulevards and more. The Chaweng Beach is also one of the best places for sunbathing, windsurfing, jet skiing and other beach-based activities.

And the best thing is that the Alpha Gay resort is located extremely close to the Chaweng Beach which means you can visit the beach anytime you want.

Lamai Beach

The Lamai Beach is Koh Samui’s second largest beach resort after Chaweng Beach. It is less crowded but nevertheless offers plenty of accommodation facilities. It also boasts a bustling ambience with high-end dining, shopping or activities to keep you engaged. It also has some of the best spas and several tourist sites that you can explore with your partner.

You can easily hire a car from us at the Alpha Gay resort and spend a fun-filled day at the Lamai Beach.

Mae Nam Beach

This is probably the best beach if you want total privacy and silence. Located far away from the busiest beaches, Mae Nam beach has its own rustic charm. This beautiful beach still retains the old world beauty with its lines of coconut trees and thatched huts where the locals live. There are very few vendors to disturb you and that offers more privacy for you and your partner.

However, Mae Nam beach has very few accommodations and most don’t have websites. Our travel planners at the Alpha Gay resort can help find the right hotel and book it for you if you and your partner would love to enjoy this virgin beach.

Activities for Gays in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a small island in Thailand that nevertheless offers some mind-blowing activities for the gay community. It is one of the few places where you and your partner can roam around in complete confidence, enjoy safari trips, taste gourmet food and blast the night away at a men-only nightclub.

Samui Island also has plenty of gay resort to suit every kind of budget.

Outdoor Activities

Samui Island offers several outdoor activities for the adventurous type. The travel planner at your Samui Island gay resort is the best person to enquire about the most thrilling outdoor activities that will captivate you throughout the day.

This will include a visit to the Elephant Park, the Paradise Park or the Snake Centre. There are plenty of religious sites too that boasts relics of the Buddha and these too should be on your must-visit list.

You can also go scuba diving and snorkeling while at Samui Islands. There are plenty of professional gay scuba instructors who can help you with your first scuba diving or snorkeling experience. Your Samui Island gay resort can help you find a good scuba instructor in case you want to dive deep.

You can also hire a boat and visit the famous 5 Islands to get a firsthand experience of how the locals live.

Pamper Yourself

Samui Island also has plenty of world-class spas that offer high-quality body scrubs, massages, facials and other treatments to pamper you and your partner. All the spas area maintained as per international standards and use the best products to give you a truly rejuvenating experience.

Indoor Activities

In all probability, your Samui Island gay resort has several options to keep you engaged indoors. Most resorts boast their own gym where you can work out with your partner, nightclubs for super entertainment, a lounge for some private time and high-end restaurants where you and your partner can relax after all that hectic outdoor activity.

Many resorts also hold special programmes such as a pool party or fashion show exclusively for gays.

A Fantastic Nightlife

The nightlife at Samui Islands is no less diverse as the daytime activities. If you are a night person, this is the place to be with world-class clubs that offer every type of entertainment you can imagine. You can hang-out at your Samui Island gay resort club or check out the nightlife outside.

Most late-night men only dance clubs have well-stocked bars where you can relax over exotic tropical cocktails. They also have live shows on cabaret, glamour queens and similar activities to make your nights colourful.

Five Must-See Places in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the few places where gays are really made to feel welcome and completely at home. In fact, a large part of the island’s economy is dependent on gay tourism which is booming every year.

This is not without reason as the island as plenty of activities and tourists spots that keep you and your partner engaged throughout your stay. And accommodation is not a problem at all as you will find plenty of Koh Samui gay resort to suit every budget.

Prime Tourist Attractions in Koh Samui

Any good Koh Samui gay resort will offer you the right guidance to plan your itinerary so that you don’t miss out on the top five must-see destinations.

The Samui Elephant Sanctuary

The Samui Elephant Sanctuary is the first of its kind in southern Thailand. Spread across 10 acres of verdant forests land, is has been planned as a retirement centre for aged elephants who have given their life’s labour to the tourism and logging industry.

Your Koh Samui gay resort travel planner will definitely suggest a visit to this sanctuary where you can feed the elephants, walk with them and appreciate their peaceful lives.

The Paradise Park Farm

This is another must-see tourist destination on the local travel map of any Koh Samui gay resort. It is truly a paradise on earth, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Five Islands.

The park boasts an eclectic collection of tropical birds, different types of monkeys, deer, iguanas, huge cockatoos and other exotic animals. It’s a fun place to spend some time with your partner.

The Samui Snake Farm

The Samui Snake Farm is a must visit if snakes fascinate you. It is a thrilling experience where you get to watch some of Thailand’s deadliest snakes from close quarters. The farm has daily shows where trained snake handlers coax the snakes into performing deadly movements. It also has a zoo section where you can actually touch the more docile reptiles. 

Namuang Safari Park

If you love safaris, then the travel planner at you Koh Samui gay resort will recommend the Namuang Safari Park. It offers some of the most amazing safari trips to get your adrenaline rushing. Their bookings often include hotel pickups so that is another plus point.

The Mummified Monk

How can you leave Koh Samui without paying your respects to the mummified monk! It is a stunning spectacle where the revered monk Luong Por Daeng is seen sitting upright in the same position in which he breathed his last.

How to Choose a Gay Resort?

It’s sad but true that as a gay person your holiday destinations choices are quite limited. The world is yet to embrace the LGBT community with open arms and some nations even have a strict anti-gay policy.

The good news is that things are definitely changing for the better and there ARE places that make gays feel truly at home. Thailand is one such nation and several of its islands are just paradise for gay vacationers.

In fact, most of these islands are teeming with boutique resorts that offer a unique experience to you and your partner. But how do you choose the right Thailand gay resort when accommodation options are plenty?

Check for Referrals

Resort for gay people is still a niche category and some of the resorts spruce up their websites to attract more international gay tourists. So what you see on the net may not be what you will actually experience. To avoid disappointments, talks to friends within your community about a good Thailand gay resort where they have stayed and enjoyed the experience.

The most important thing to ensure is the quality of service, the ambience and the staff. Any Thailand gay resort worth its name will provide the best of amenities with stylish rooms having all modern facilities.

The ambience should be non-judgemental and stress-free so that you can enjoy your privacy in total peace. Most such resorts have trained staff who understand the unique needs and fancies of the gay community. They will never intrude, ask embarrassing questions or treat you differently.

To them, you are just another guest to be honoured and pampered during your stay.

Check if the Hotel is Clothing Optional

Many gay couples love clothing-optional resorts where they can roam around freely as they want without being embarrassed. Such resorts act like a safe refuge, protecting you and your partner from outside influences and ensuring total privacy

If you and your partner love staying free and natural during your entire stay, select a Thailand gay resort with a clothing-optional feature. 

Other Amenities

The above two points are of prime importance if you want to check in at the right gay resort. If you are satisfied with what you hear, check for other regular facilities.

Most high-end Thailand gay resort conforms to international standards when it comes to maintaining the property. They have gorgeous pools and spas, lush gardens, world-class gyms, fantastic nightclubs, great restaurants serving gourmet food and so on.

Why Koh Samui is a Great Holiday Destination for Gays

Koh Samui in Thailand is one of the best destinations for gays to travel or go on a private vacation. With its lush natural beauty, world-class activities and great acceptance for gay travellers, it is an ideal choice for you and your partner for a holiday destination. And the most wonderful part is that you can find some of the best men-only resort only in Koh Samui.

So the next time you plan to go for a vacation, check into any men-only resort in Koh Samui and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

What makes Koh Samui such a Must-See Destination for Gays

The foremost reason that makes Koh Samui the ideal holiday destination for gays is its great acceptance of the LGBT community. Perhaps there are few other places in the world that are so welcoming to gays.

Locals will not consider it weird if you hug your partner in public or hold hands during a long beach walk or even sunbathe in the nude on the terrace pool of a men-only resort in Koh Samui

Gays are always treated with respect and discretion at Koh Samui. There is no unwanted intrusion into your privacy or laws that restrict your movement.

Plenty of Daytime Activities

Koh Samui is not the place to stay cozy in your hotel room the entire day. The island boasts of plenty of outdoor activities that will leave you and your partner captivated.

There are trained gay scuba instructors who can help you both explore the wonderful underwater sea world as per international standards. If your partner is the non-diving type, he can always go for snorkeling as you enjoy your scuba adventure.

If the sea is not what you enjoy most, Koh Samui is replete with virgin rainforests that offer the perfect opportunity for a trekking trip.

You can also hire a boat and visit the nearby islands to see and experience the local life. Above all, Koh Samui has some great beaches so you can always enjoy a private beach walk with your partner.

Your men-only resort in Koh Samui can make all arrangement for different trips so that you don’t have to search around.

Fabulous Nightlife

Koh Samui’s nightlife is no less marvelous than its daytime activities. There are plenty of nightclubs where you can unwind with your partner after a hectic day of sightseeing.

In fact, your men-only resort Koh Samui probably has its own night-club where you can relax or get naughty with your partner.